Own a Chop Stop Salad Franchise in Oakland

If you’re looking to open a salad restaurant franchise in Oakland, your city is practically custom-built for Chop Stop. California leads the nation in healthy living, so now your city can continue the trend with our healthy fast food franchises. 

Millennials are rebelling against the older generation – and eating healthy. Bet their moms never saw that one coming. They’re looking for healthy alternatives, but they still want it fast. With their active lifestyles, they need their meals-on-the-go, but the quality must be better than the fast food they devoured as kids. Enter Chop Stop, the #1 chopped salads franchise in the nation. We’re no ordinary, wimpy salad bar franchise.

salad franchise in Oakland California
chopt salad franchise in Oakland California

 No, not at all. We offer mega meals in a bowl. One full pound of nutritious yum-yum. We start with fresh produce so finely chopped you’ll be tempted to eat it with a spoon. Then we add the protein to give your customers a meal that fills them up, but doesn’t fill them out. 

If your customers prefer plant-based protein, Chop Stop offers vegetarian choices with the “Build Your Own Chop” option. But, if they have trouble deciding on specific ingredients, they can point to the menu board and say, “Wasabi Veggie Chop, please.” So if you’re looking for a vegan franchise, Chop Stop delivers the best of both worlds, fast and vegan. If you visit the observatory at Chabot Space and Science Center, you might see it’s the best of all worlds.

For anyone who wants to own a franchise, a Chop Stop franchise is an easy way for people to break into the restaurant business. We’ve developed a simple Turnkey Investment that makes it easy to open more stores. It’s a great way to break into the restaurant business for empty nesters or corporate executives looking for a new challenge. It’s also one of the best franchise opportunities for stay at home moms. It’s simple, healthy, good. 

Chop Stop is also one of the most cost-efficient franchises to buy. We make healthy salads, not greasy burgers. So there’s no need for hoods, grease inceptors, or any other expensive kitchen equipment that needs to be replaced all the time. That saves you $25K to $50K before you make your first Chopped Salad, not to mention the savings on repairs.

chopped salad franchise in Oakland California
chopt salad franchise info in Oakland California

A Chop Stop usually only requires a “Retail Takeout Food” designation instead of a full restaurant permit.  Plus, we help you look for the right location at the right price. Our starting price is not a million or more like some other restaurant franchise opportunities in California. We start at $285K, making Chop Stop one the best cheap food franchises you can find,

Best of all, our comprehensive 6-week training program helps you understand every aspect on how to start a salad business. Our Salad Gang has a variety of backgrounds, and they can teach you every aspect of the biz. In the classroom, you’ll learn everything from bookkeeping to cost control to sales and marketing to scheduling.

At our training facility, we also give you hands-on experience, where you get to experience the “Joy of Chopping.”  You’ll slice and dice, and then fix and mix the fresh produce like you’re some kind of choreographed dancer in a musical at the renovated Fox Theater. In addition to all the practical reasons to own a chopt salad franchise with Chop Stop, the best part is owning a fun and enjoyable place for you and your employees to work. You can hear some testimonials here.

When you’re ready to open a low cost franchise on the “Bright Side of the Bay,” fill out the form on this page and one of our friendly salespeople will be in touch ASAP to help you make O-Town healthier with the Power of Salads.

chopt salad franchise opportunities in Oakland California



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