Own a Chop Stop Salad Franchise in Vancouver

If you’ve been looking to open a salad restaurant franchise in Vancouver, your city is practically custom-built for a Chop Stop franchise. We’re the #1 Chopped Salad restaurant in the U.S., and we’d love you to join us on our Salad Journey. 

Take a walk down to Ester Short Park. As you look at the statue of “The Pioneer Mother,” you can sense she’s watching over everyone to make sure they eat their vegetables. At Chop Stop, we’d make her proud. Our Chopped Salads are full of nutritious produce so finely chopped that the Pioneer Mother would be tempted to feed it to her children with a spoon.

If there had been a Chop Stop in the area when Lewis and Clark passed through, they might have stayed a little longer. As rugged

Own a Chop Stop Salad Franchise in Vancouver Washington
chopt franchise cost in Vancouver Washington

frontiersmen, they loved a good, hearty meal. They would have discovered that our Chopped Salads could fill them up without filling them out.

At Chop Stop, we don’t serve a basic plate of lettuce like you’d find at a typical, boring salad bar franchise. No, not at all. Our salads are a big, bold bowls of nutritious yum-yum. One full pound of produce and protein to satisfy any appetite. 

While you’re looking for franchises to buy, you’re probably searching for something distinctive to set your brand apart. Our Chopped Salads are as unique as the Vancouver Land Bridge. There’s nothing else like them. Our proprietary dressings and chopping techniques make it difficult, if not impossible, to

replicate. That’s one of the many ways we beat the buns off those other fast food franchise opportunities.

Another great reason to own a franchise with Chop Stop is the initial cost to get started. Our franchises start at $285K, which includes a one-time $30K franchise fee, lease, inventory, and everything you need but the kitchen sink. That’s because we don’t even have a kitchen, which can save you $25K to $50K before you even open for business. There’s no need to cook our salads, so there’s no need to have any expensive kitchen equipment. No hoods, no greasy grills, no hassle.

By eliminating the kitchen, we also eliminate the need for excess space. Our stores can fit into a kiosk or free standing building as

salad franchise in Vancouver Washington
chopt salad franchise in Vancouver Washington

small as 1,100 square feet. That’s a fraction of the size required for many other food franchises for sale. . How’s that for a low cost franchise?

We’re also the easiest food franchise to open. We’ve streamlined the process to get you up and running faster, and our business model has already proven successful among investors. You can review some of our testimonials here. We’ve created a simple Turnkey Investment that’s easy to learn. It’s also easy to duplicate when you’re ready to expand. Our first franchise owner has already opened her third store in three years.

Like the pioneers who first came to Vancouver, you don’t even need experience. You simply need a thrill for adventure and a

desire to take charge of your own destiny. We’ll teach you the rest. Our Salad Gang has experience in a wide variety of related fields, and they’re anxious to teachyou how build your own salad restaurant. Much like the Water Resources Education Center, we believe in using hands-on training. Our comprehensive 6-week training course puts us far ahead of all those other cheap food franchises.

When you’re ready to open a healthy food franchise in California, fill out the form on this page and one of our friendly salespeople will be in touch ASAP to show you why Chop Stop is one of the best restaurant franchises to own.

chopped salad franchise in Vancouver Washington



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