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You can feel confident with our training team at your back. Problems get “handled.”

We Have Your Back

Our Training Program

Are you hesitant to embark on a Chop Stop franchise because you have no restaurant experience? Don’t be! Our training program provides you with all the information and tools you need to succeed. Look no further than our first franchisee as an example (you can watch her testimonial video here). She was a stay-at-home mom for 17 years before she chose Chop Stop to start a new chapter of her life. What we did for her, we can do for you!

Our six-week training program starts with five weeks at our Glendale Training Center Restaurant. The final week of training takes place in your own restaurant, just before it opens. Over the course of those six weeks, we will transform you from a “greenhorn” to a true expert on greens – a Chop Stop operator! Below is an overview of the process.

Our Training Center restaurant in Glendale, CA
Our Training Center restaurant in Glendale, CA
Chop Stop salad prep

Weeks 1-3: Station Training

Our restaurants are divided into three job stations: Cashier, Prep and Salad Maker. During the first three weeks, you will be working full-time shifts at each station. As with any new job, you’ll be clumsy at first. That’s to be expected. But thru repetition, the various job tasks will become so familiar that, not only will you be able to do them effortlessly, you’ll also be able to train others how to do it!

As a Cashier, you’ll learn how to interact with customers and use our POS (point-of-sale) system to ring in orders. Our POS is extremely intuitive, guiding you thru every step and reminding you if you forgot anything. During Prep, you’ll be taught the various ways we prepare the produce and other food products we serve. (Don’t worry, our cut gloves will keep your hands safe!) Finally as a Salad Maker you’ll learn how to assemble our famous Chops in under three minutes flat with 100% accuracy.

Many prospects ask: “Do I really need to learn all these things, even if I won’t be the person actually prepping or making salads?” The answer is yes. A good manager has to be aware of the proper way to do things, so they can accurately train their staff and ensure brand standards are always being maintained.

Weeks 4-5: Manager Training

Now it’s time to learn how to be a manager. These two weeks are when all your training really starts to come together to form a cohesive whole, and you experience that moment of epiphany: “Okay, I got this!” Some of the many skills you’ll master during this period are:

  • How to create an effective labor schedule
  • Best practices for managing employees
  • Daily/weekly inventories and placing orders
  • Bookkeeping and how to produce a P&L statement
  • Marketing tips and tricks
  • Inspections and checklists – best practices for staying on top of operational details at your restaurant.
  • How to use our management portal that provides all the key stats and information you’ll need to successfully run your business on a daily basis.
Chop Stop salad employee
Chop Stop Franchisee works the prep line

Week 6: Pre-Opening

The final week of training takes place in your own restaurant the week before you open. We send in a “Jump Team” of four trainers (so called because we’re there to “jump start” your restaurant). We’re there from open to close, reviewing all the previous training with you as it relates to your individual location. We also train your staff for you, so you can attend to the million little details that come with opening a restaurant.

Friends & Family Day

This is a “dry run” day to give you and your staff some real world practice. Everyone invites their friends and family to come and enjoy some free food. The idea is that this friendly crowd will be much more forgiving of any mistakes than your paying customers will be!  As well, they’ll be encouraged to leave helpful reviews on Yelp and other Social Media platforms so you will open your restaurant on a positive note. By the end of the day, you and your staff should have a high level of confidence in your skills and be ready for the real thing.

Soft Opening

Our Jump Team remains for an additional week to make sure everything stays on the right track as you “soft open.” This term simply means that you are now open to the public, but have intentionally done no marketing and made no public announcements. Now is the time to hone your skills and your speed without getting overwhelmed. Remember, you never get a second chance to make a great first impression! The goal is for every customer that comes thru your doors during your soft opening to have a four-star experience. The Jump Team leaves the following week, but one trainer will remain and pull back gradually day by day as your confidence increases.

Chop Stop grand opening -Customers enjoy salad and festivities
Chop Stop Salad franchise grand opening

Grand Opening

You are now a well-oiled machine and ready for your public debut. The balloons go up, the red ribbon is cut, and you are officially open for business. With a “Now Open” banner announcing your arrival in your community, the real fun – and sales – begin!

But our support doesn’t end with your grand opening. You’ll be assigned a business coach who will be in daily contact with you during your first few months of operation, answering questions and helping you resolve issues. They will continue to personally visit your location at least once a month afterward, as well as being available on their phone almost 24/7 for any emergencies. We have your back from day one. That’s our training program in a nutshell!

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